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ASCD events and activities 2005


Principles of Learning & Teaching Workshop
by Dr Julianne Moss, March 2005

Over 60 Senior Teachers (STs) from different primary and secondary schools were enthusiastically engaged in a one-day intensive workshop by Dr Moss. The many hands-on activities were designed to bring across the principles of learning and teaching. A spin-off from the session was the networking among the STs. Many were sharing good practices and exchanging ideas. It was a day well spent with a group of highly energised STs. They will be bringing their learning back to their own schools to share with the larger community of teachers.

ASCD 16th Annual General Meeting & Lecture: Principles of Learning & Teaching (POLT) by Dr Julianne Moss Mar 2005

This AGM lecture was attended by 334 participants

Differentiating Instruction: Challenge and Support for Every Learner by Ms Jennifer Beasley June 2005.

This one-day workshop for two groups of teachers was held at ‘The Sanctuary’ at NJC. Jennifer’s workshop was timely as all classrooms at every level face the need to differentiate to a certain extent. ASCD titles on differentiating instruction in mixed-ability classrooms were quickly sold out by the end of the workshops.

2005 Teachers Mass Lecture: Humour@Work: Happy Classrooms, Engaged Learners by Michael Myers (Keynote Speaker) and Ensemble Performance by Wavelength troupe Sep 2005, organised by MOE & ASCD.

A total of five thousand teachers attended an unusual mass lecture held over 4 sessions in 2 days for teachers from the four zones. Keynote speaker, Michael Myers gave some pointers and hands-on examples of how the classroom can be energized and made into a happy learning environment through the use of humour that entertains even as it teaches. His colleagues, Brendan, Kara and Anne, made up the rest of the Wavelength troupe who shared ideas, via music, songs and an ensemble presentation, on how the classroom can be a funny place in which to teach and to learn.

Connecting Character to Conduct: Helping Students Do the Right Thing by Roberta Richin Oct 2005. Talk for ASCD members, teachers and parents.

Over 200 ASCD members attended a free talk by Roberta Richin on how to nurture the right values and help our students in character development. Held in the cool and comfortable auditorium of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, the session was well received by our members and teachers. Roberta’s book and other ASCD publications were also on sale at the venue. Sales were brisk as teachers made a beeline for the book display during the tea-break.

Curriculum Development & Assessment Workshops by Dr Colin Marsh 10-14 Oct 2005 Teachers Network, MOE

Prof Colin Marsh from Curtin University touched on Curriculum Planning and Evaluation for CPDD officers at this workshop. For the principals, his workshop focused on School Leadership: Issues and Directions. Topics he covered in the workshop included Action Research, Concerned-Based Adoption Model (a model to gauge the readiness of teachers when implementing an innovation), and the Development of School-Based Curriculum and Assessment.

Principles of Learning & Teaching Workshops by Dr Julianne Moss

14–18 Nov 2005 for secondary schools
21–25 Nov 2005 for primary schools




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