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ASCD events and activities 2010



New workshop by Dr Jenny Edwards

A workshop on '100 Tips on Talking Effectively with your Students' by Dr Jenny Edwards has been scheduled on November 19th.  Registration forms are available here.


ASCD at the 2010 Teachers' Conference 

ASCD was at the recent 2010 Teachers' Conference held at Suntec City from 6 - 7 September. ASCD helped sponsor former DGE, Miss Seah Jiak Choo and also hosted a dinner for the top teachers from around the world.

Right: Council members with former DGE, Miss Seah (second from left).

Mrs Angela Ow, Dr Dennis Shirley, Mr Manogaran
and Dr Koh Thiam Seng.

Top teachers from all over the world at a dinner gathering hosted by Singapore ASCD.


Farewell  to Miss Koshu Lulla

ASCD members have long associated Miss Koshu Lulla and her company, Teletemps, with ASCD. For the last 20 years, Miss Koshu has managed ASCD’s secretariat and handled all inquiries, organised workshops, and manned registration counters. Presidents have come and gone but Miss Koshu and Teletemps have stayed on until now.

It is with much sadness that we announce Miss Koshu’s departure from ASCD. In the last 20 years, Miss Koshu’s own recruitment business has grown and she needs to spend more time in Kuala Lumpur, where her business is based. With her departure, ASCD’s secretariat is now managed by Mrs Angela Ow.

ASCD held a farewell and appreciation dinner for Miss Koshu recently. She was given an honorary lifetime membership to ASCD in recognition of her services to the organisation. Here are some pictures from that evening:

Miss Koshu Lulla. Past president Mr Jimmy Tan presenting a farewell gift to Miss Koshu.

Past president Miss Tay Siew Lian with Miss Koshu. Four presidents at the farewell dinner for Miss Koshu.

New Contact Information for Singapore ASCD:
Please note that our new secretary is Mrs Angela Ow. She can be reached at:

The new address is as follows:
Singapore ASCD
261, Waterloo Street
#03-14, Waterloo Centre
Singapore 180261

Tel: 6338 9201  Fax: 6337 4261


Coaching Workshop Cancelled

The UbD coaching worhshop scheduled for 15th and 16th November has been cancelled.


Leading the Way to Making Classroom Assessment Work by Dr Anne Davies - A one-day workshop on 14 July 2010 organised by Singapore ASCD, in collaboration with the Staff Training Branch, MOE

Dr Anne Davies was in Singapore recently to conduct a workshop and to present a keynote on holistic assessment.

Dr Davis has more than thirty years of experience in many varied educational contexts with continuing experience at the school, district, post-secondary, provincial/state, national and international levels in Canada. She is the author and co-author of over 30 published books, reports, and multimedia resources, nine chapters in edited volumes, and more than 30 articles. 

In Singapore, Dr Davis began her stay on 12th July with a trip to Pasir Ris Primary School, where she dropped in to observe P1 & 2 classes in action and to look at the implementation of holistic assessment there. She also had a discussion with the key personnel of the school.

On 13 July, she gave a keynote address entitled "Classroom Assessment - The way to deep student learning and engagement" at the Ministry of Education's inaugural PERI HOLISTIC SEMINAR, which was attended by primary school leaders and staff representatives.

On 14 July, she conducted a workshop: “Leading the Way to Assessment for Learning - A powerful way to improve learning and raise standards”. The workshop was a collaboration between ASCD Singapore and the Staff Training Branch, Ministry of Education.  305 participants from 105 schools took part in the workshop. Other attendees included school leaders, teachers, Master Teachers, MOE HQ professional staff and ASCD Council members.

The pictures below were taken from the workshop.


Speech by Guest of Honour at ASCD's 20th Anniversary Dinner

Director General of Education Miss Ho Peng was the Guest of Honour at ASCD's 20th anniversary celebrations. She has graciously allowed us to share the notes from her speech with you. 


ASCD 21st AGM 19 March 2010

The 21st AGM kicked off with a talk by Professor Peter Taylor on “Towards School Improvement”. If you missed this very thought-provoking presentation, click here to view it again. 

For the first time in 20 years, we have enough members attending to achieve a quorum! This was a great start to the evening. This year is voting year, and here are your new council members for 2010-2012.

President Koh Thiam Seng (Dr)
President Elect Manogaran Suppiah (Mr)
Immediate Past President Jimmy Tan Gek Yin (Mr)
Hon Secretary Saraspathy Menon (Mrs)
Hon Asst Secretary Ow Suek Yin (Ms)
Hon Treasurer Lysia Kee (Mrs)
Hon Asst Treasurer Soo Kim Bee (Mrs)
Council Member Cheah Yin Mee (Dr)
Council Member Ho Boon Tiong (Dr)
Council Member Julie Hoo (Mrs)
Council Member Angela Ow (Mrs)
Council Member Quek Seok Noi (Mrs)
Council Member Tan Wan Yu (Mrs)
Council Member Tay Siew Lian (Ms)

Advisors: Dr Ang Wai Hoong & Miss Betsy Lim

President-elect, Dr. Koh Thiam Seng then gave a short speech in which he outlined the strengths of ASCD and the upcoming challenges and directions for ASCD. For notes of his speech, please click here.

The AGM was followed by the celebration dinner for ASCD’s 20th anniversary.  The evening began with a laughter session led by Ms Zaibun Siraj.

Miss Zaibun Siraj and guests. 

The evening’s programme began with speeches by Mr Jimmy Tan, our President, followed by Dr. Gene Carter, the Executive CEO of ASCD International. Our GOH, DGE, Miss Ho Peng, a life member of ASCD, then took the stage and spoke to the appreciative crowd of 120 participants. Speeches over, it was time to present lifetime awards of appreciation to all our past presidents. They were each given a piece of ceramic made by well-know ceramist, Ms Jessie Lim. Founding President, Dr Ang Wai Hoong then took the stage and recalled the early days of ASCD and how everything began in the then CDIS located at Bukit Timah! ASCD has come a long way since.

The evening was very ably managed by our emcee Mr Prem Lulla and entertainment was provided by the very funny Alfred George who had everyone in stitches throughout his segment. Then there were the lucky draws and the Mr and Ms ASCD titles which were won by Mr Yahya Aljaru and Ms Rosaline Chia respectively. If you missed the whole evening, tough! You’ve just missed one of the most entertaining and relaxing dinner parties of the year.  Have a look at the pictures we shall post here soon and don’t forget to come to the next ASCD function!

President, Mr Jimmy Tan’s welcome speech, here.

Below are some pictures from the evening:


Differentiating Instruction in the Lower Secondary Classroom by Char Forsten

Have you attended an ASCD workshop and benefitted from it? If you are not sure how helpful the workshops can be, here is a testimonial from Mr Ling Peng Yap about the recent workshop on Differentiating Instruction in the Lower Secondary Classroom by Char Forsten. If you missed that, don’t worry. We will be inviting her back to Singapore, so look out for our announcements! 

Testimonial by Mr Ling Peng Yap:

Thank you for asking me to attend this workshop. I’ve written some feedback about the workshop. It is a very good workshop that more teachers should know about. 

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction in the Lower Secondary Classroom by Char Forsten is an excellent workshop that contains many practical strategies and activities as promised. Char Forsten was able to engage the participants throughout the well-planned workshop, using videos, stories, activities, manipulative and games.

Before attending the course, one may think that practising differentiated instructions means that more preparation is required, in order to cater to the fast, the average and the struggling learners. However, Char has convinced me that differentiated instruction can be achieved using a combination of low preparation, but high impact activities, which together provide teachers with a powerful repertoire of strategies to teach students in the way they learn best. Differentiated instruction is about maximising learning for each individual student, not just for the struggling or the better students. 

The main ideas and strategies covered in the workshop included the following: 

  • Pre, formative and summative assessment (ways to find out what the students already know, to gather feedback on how well students have learnt, to follow up if students have doubts or misconceptions, etc);

  •  Flexible grouping (activities for a large group, for small groups of 2 to 3 students and for individual deskwork)

  • Anchor activities (to engage students meaningfully if they complete work assigned earlier);

  • Learning styles (to engage students with different learning styles using pictures, manipulative, discussion, sharing, hands-on activities, etc.); 

  • Tiering (on varying complexity of tasks assigned for learners); 

  • Curriculum compacting (on strategies that can be employed to engage students that already know the content to be taught).

The workshop is compacted into 1.5 days. If time permits, it will be very useful for the trainers to spend an extra half day with the participating teachers, to work out how a topic (or a chapter) in the local text book can be taught. The teachers can discuss in groups and share how they intend to integrate and apply the strategies from the workshop in their classroom teaching and learning. Trainers can enrich these lessons presented using their expertise in differentiated instruction. This will better align the workshop to the local syllabus, and equip teachers with a number of concrete lesson plans, ready for implementation. 

Overall, I find the workshop very useful and will strongly recommend it to fellow teachers. 

Yours Sincerely 

Peng Yap


Dialogue with Peter Taylor

A dialogue with Professor Peter G Taylor from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice was held to celebrate ASCD’s 21st AGM on Friday 19th March. The session, entitled “ Towards School Improvement”, raised many thought-provoking issues for participants. If you missed the session or were there but want to review the slides, here is the complete Powerpoint presentation.


ASCD 21st Annual General Meeting

The ASCD 21st Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 19 March 2010.

Here are materials related to the AGM:

- AGM letter

- Nomination forms for auditors

- Nomination forms for other council posts

- AGM minutes from the 20th AGM


Forthcoming Events
Mar - Dec 2010

There has never been a better time to become an ASCD member … with exciting workshops, seminars and lectures from renowned educationists from all over the world.

These workshops, seminars and talks have been organised by Singapore ASCD! Some dates are still subject to change. More events will be added in as they become confirmed.

Please check back here for the latest information.

13th, 15th & 16th March;
repeated on 17th, 18th & 19th March
Sue Elliott 3-day workshop (each workshop) Understanding by Design Level 1 (please note this will lead to the Level 2 workshop conducted by Dr Susan Clayton)
15th March Char Forsten 1-day workshop Differentiating Instruction in the Primary Classroom: The More Ways You Teach, The More Students You Reach!
16th & 17th March Char Forsten 2-day workshop Differentiating Mathematics Instruction in the Primary Classroom: Practical Strategies & Activities That Work!
18th & 19th March Char Forsten 1½-day workshop Differentiating Mathematics Instruction in the Lower Secondary Classroom: Practical Strategies & Activities That Work!
19th March Singapore ASCD AGM Special for ASCD members AGM 2010 and Reception
19th March Peter Taylor Dialogue Towards School Improvement
19th March Singapore ASCD Special for ASCD members Dinner and a Fun Evening
1st June Sherry Benneth & Anne Mulgrew Workshop Teacher's Assessment Roles: Planner, Coach, Judge, Reporter
1st June;
repeated on 4th June
Sherry Benneth & Anne Mulgrew Workshop Differentiated Assessment
2nd June Sherry Benneth & Anne Mulgrew Workshop Performance Assessment Works
3rd June Sherry Benneth & Anne Mulgrew Workshop Performance Assessment - from the Ground Up
7th, 8th & 10th June Susan Clayton Workshop Understanding by Design Level 2
28th & 29th June Susan Clayton Workshop Understanding by Design Level 3
30th June, 1st & 2nd July Susan Clayton Workshop Understanding by Design Level 2

2nd July Susan Clayton Roundtable Discussion Where is UbD Headed For?
14th July Anne Davis Workshop Assessment for Learning
6th & 7th September ASCD Book Sale Book Sale at The Teacher's Conference
15th & 16th November Susan Clayton Workshop Coaching UbD
18th November Jenny Edwards Workshop 100 Tips for Talking Effectively with your Students
19th November Jenny Edwards Workshop 100 Tips for Talking Effectively with your Students
18th, 19th & 25 November Susan Clayton Workshop Understanding by Design Level 1
26th November Susan Clayton Workshop UbD + Assessment



Help us Celebrate 20 Years of Singapore ASCD!

Singapore ASCD will be celebrating its twentieth year next year! There will be a series of activities leading up to the AGM and dinner during the week. One of the activities would be a look back on the early years of Singapore ASCD. This is where YOU can help us.

Do you have photos of yourself or friends at Singapore ASCD events? These can be from way back when or even in recent years. Please contact us and let us know what you have. Or you can make a soft copy of the photos and send them to us. Please write a short note to explain when and where the picture was taken and who is in the picture. We plan to put the photos into a visual display (depending on how many we get) to show Singapore ASCD’s history. Please send your photos to: We will send you a token of appreciation if we use your photos!

 Mark the date on your calendar - Friday, 19 March, Sheraton Towers Hotel.



Did you recently attend an ASCD workshop or talk? Send us your comments or a photo of you or your friends at the event. If your photo or comment appears on our website, we will send you a token of appreciation!



Check out the Singapore ASCD Facebook page!

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