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ASCD events and activities 2018


Workshops and Seminars by Dr Allen Mendler

Our next event is just round the corner – Workshops and Seminars by Dr Allen Mendler. Dr Mendler co-authored “Discipline with Dignity” and several other books on classroom management especially for motivating  difficult students and managing parents.

There is a brief outline below. There are only 60 seats in each workshop and seminar – don’t miss this opportunity to attend, and hear Dr Allen Mendler first hand! Send us your registration form now.

Key dates  to remember:

5 May 2018:       Priority for ASCD (Singapore) Members ends.

15 June 2018:     Closing date for Registration for the workshops and seminars.

27 June 2018:     Workshop 1 for Secondary Schools, MI and Junior Colleges

28 June 2018:     Workshop 2 for Primary Schools

29 June 2018:     9am – 12pm – Seminar in morning (repeated in afternoon)

                           2pm – 5pm – Seminar in afternoon.


We look forward to seeing you at the events!


Feedback for Celebrating Education - Joy of Learning

Were you at the dialogue session  "Celebrating Education - Joy of Learning" with Dr Tan Lai Yong?
Here is some feedback from some participants at the event:

Ng Siew Bee: "Dr Tan has been inspiring as he displays much clarity and conviction in what he believes in. He is exemplary of an outstanding individual who translates his passion to action. Don’t just talk, do."

Grace Tan: "…. he has a very different and authentic approach to learning, teaching, educating the human spirit."

Caroline Sin Mei Chuen: "I was extremely touched and inspired by Dr Tan's sharing. Through personal anecdotes and stories drawn from a life of community service, Dr Tan reminded me of the values central to education - character development over results, imparting values over achieving KPIs. It was an incredible privilege to be able to hear him in person." 


ASCD IP Sharing Seminar

This is the first IP Sharing seminar organised for schools, this seminar comprises a keynote address by A Prof Kelvin Tan, Head, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, National Institute of Education, NTU. He will speak on "Rethinking Curriculum, Progress, and Learning for a VUCA Future". This will be followed by two breakout sessions by IP teachers. Registration forms are available here.

Date: 20 April 2018
Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Venue: Cedar Girls' Secondary School


Dialogue: Celebrating Education - Joy of Learning

Singapore ASCD will organise a dialogue session entitled "Celebrating Education - Joy of Learning" with Dr Tan Lai Yong. The session is free for members, while non-members will need to pay S$30.00 to become a member.

Venue: Queensway Secondary School
Date: 6th April 2018
Time: 3 to 5pm
Light refreshments will be served.

Closing date for registration is 2 April 2018, so do sign up early and reserve your place now.


Photo Album: Now That's a Good Question! Workshop

Were you at the Now That's a Good Question! Workshop by Erik M Francis, M.Ed., M.S.? All the participants enjoyed themselves and enhanced their knowledge at the workshop. Here are some comments and memories from the event:

·         "Erik is amazing.  He delivered the content effectively and made me question my practices."
·         "Entertaining and engaging, lively, enthusiastic, humorous, clear. Able to engage participants cognitively."
·         "Trainer has inspired me to think of how to re-frame my questions to provoke thinking, promote deeper understanding."
·        " Thought-provoking sessions to question our students’ learning and not about our teaching."  


Workshop: Now That's a Good Question! by Erik M Francis, M.Ed., M.S. (Professional Education Specialist / ASCD Author)

At this workshop, teachers will be exposed to theories and/or models on learning psychology, cognitive development and learning sciences. They will be able to juxapose the content/skills they want to teach with their understanding of cognitive development/learning theories through effective questioning. Those attending this workshop will receive Mr Francis' book "Now That's a Good Question!", as well as workshop materials and refreshments. Registration form is available here.

Workshop for secondary schools:
Date: 12 March 2018 (Monday)
Venue: Queensway Secondary School

Workshop for junior colleges:
Date: 13 March 2018 (Tuesday)
Venue: Millennia Institute




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