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Our History

Proud Past, Promising Future: Celebrating 30 Years of Making a Difference in Education - An Interview with Dr Ang Wai Hoong, Founding President of ASCD (Singapore)

With 30 years under its belt, ASCD (Singapore) continues to grow and flourish from strength to strength, with no signs of slowing down. We speak to Founding President Dr Ang Wai Hoong about her vision and thoughts on this momentous occasion.

QUESTION 1: What made you start an ASCD chapter in Singapore?

QUESTION 2: What were the tasks that you needed to perform as the founding president of ASCD?

QUESTION 3: What were ASCD's roles in the early days?

QUESTION 4: Which key initiative and programme would you identify as having developed, improved or introduced with ASCD?

QUESTION 5: What advice do you have for our young educators?

QUESTION 6: What do you see is the future of ASCD?

ASCD (Singapore)'s 30th Anniversary Book

Commemorating ASCD (Singapore)'s 30 years in the educational sector in Singapore: