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Goals and Values

  • Provide human resources development experiences to promote professional leadership and collaborative curriculum planning and development by all persons involved in and affected by education at all levels.
  • Provide human resources development experiences to improve supervisory skills and leader behaviour that focus directly on assisting instructional personnel in achieving instructional goals.
  • Review and disseminate information about educational practice, media, research, and materials for improving instruction.
  • Develop and sustain communication among all groups of professionals directly involved in the improvement of curriculum and instruction.
  • Identify, study, and evaluate issues in supervision, curriculum, and instruction and express the Association's positions on them, including the impact that forces outside the school have on the learner.
  • Encourage research, evaluation, and theory development in the areas of curriculum, supervision, and instruction.
  • Strive for balance in the curriculum and maintain a perspective of the total educational program.
  • Demonstrate leadership in dealing with current and emerging education issues in order to ensure equal and quality educational opportunities for all students.